She did not seem sorry nor did she seem sympathetic. I purchased a gift card, the cashier didn’t activate it. Koch does not own a computer nor bicycle to get around and is unable to engage in constructive endeavors, like getting to food pantries. I head to the service desk and the cashier has a work come get it and take off with it she then tells the manager that it was wrong and doesn’t have the item quest dating phone line number. I opened the zipper cover and sure enough, MOLD. Fix this, or you will lose a customer/fan for life. If it’s an error the sign should’ve been taken down. So, beware Target shoppers, if you buy something on clearance there, and lose your receipt, unless it’s on a card, you have no recourse. Koch is unable to mentally develop and shows no progress whatsoever, he is still having temper tantrums or outburst at an escalated and well practiced level. They were men’s pajamas the set, top and bottom. Since it’s not you need to issue the raincheck for 5 @ $6. In addition, I got charged twice for the Yogurt. My husband left with out purchasing any other items on my list quest dating phone line number. Sincerely, I am a huge fan of target and have been for over a decade.

There was only 1 on the floor and when we got to check out, I noticed that the dust pan was cracked. Your staff was excellent but the end result was that you had 6 sets in the backroom that did not have a dustpan with the set. This is a corporate wide problem, not just in Charlotte, I have been sitting on hold for 11/2 hours today to try to get a problem resolved, which target has been working on for 4 months. I finally got lucky and Brandon answered and fixed everything. I shopped early so that I could get everything I wanted on time. If it turns out to be as dull as it looked, I d imagine the soil just didn t respond as was hoped to being hit, said Dr Eke. The woman proceeded to tell me that the last day I could’ve done the adjustment was Friday, March 1st. As much as I love their products and the store, I will never go in there again. I certainly got the message and put my items down and left the store. But Dr Vincent Eke, from the University of Durham, stressed it was still too early to know if the mission had been a success or failure. As and American, it is our RIGHT to bear arms. So, today the person I talked to said she completed the request and now it should be here by January 13th. I was transferred from department to department. I was really irritated & Target lost a $650 sale.

The thing that disturbed me the most was when i turned away to leave, he and a co-worker snickered and made some very rude comments behind my back, which was uncalled for and very immature. 00 they said they couldn’t do that now I find out I could of taken the one that I bought for 74. She said no, I needed to take the furniture with me when I pay..
. Horrible customer service Indianapolis east washington street tried buy a item shelf stated 19. I always appreciate the staff at this Target location as they are always helpful and have a pleasant attitude. All nine instruments were working fine and we received good data. He insured me that I would receive my order on December 4th. I wonder how many dollars have been withheld from individuals in the pharmacy. she is also a newly hired manager at this Target Store. I was told by a previous cashier, who failed to ring up my coupon and after completing my purchase she was sorry but that it could be taken care of at customer service. You’d think after their fiasco last year with everyone’s personal information being compromised, they’d work harder at providing good customer service. 99 so there for I wasn’t the only person to think that, I’m just one that will not give away my money to a company who likes misleading the consumer. ..


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